I regularly teach the following courses.  Here are brief descriptions:

  • Public Relations Writing (JMC 3423) highlights how much writing is integral to the practice of public relations, as well as the critical skills that now inform writing within our changing media landscape.
  • Public Relations Campaigns (JMC 4403) is a course designed to instruct you in the creation, development and execution of strategic communication plans.  These plans involve establishing public relations strategies, objectives and evaluations of outcomes based upon research-based goals, while considering ethical dimensions and diverse audiences.
  • The Communicating Culture (JMC 4970/5970) experience comprises a two-course travel class that uses an immersion experience into a diverse cultural setting as a context to explore culture, media and diversity in communication.  Experiencing new geographic locales enables writers to explore more than just sightseeing destinations.  Combining travel with engaged dialogue, selected texts and targeted writing and production exercises, students will discover strategies for representing culture through writing and mediated texts.

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